Steam Catalogs

No. 94 Crosby, 300 psi, 6 inch gauge, calibrated April 9, 2017, accurate to 1/2# psi.
The bezel is cast brass, threaded and has small dents. The case is cast iron, painted  black.
The interior was a mass of rust. The hand was bent and the hair spring was broken.
It has double bourdon tubes. New glass. The dial says: Repaired by The Ashton Valve Co.,
Crosby logo, Patented Dec. 23, ’73, Aug. 28, 1906, Sept. 8, 1908.
Then: 1915 in large text. Last is the serial number: 683933.
The zero post is held with a nut on the dial backside.
The numbers are all on a horizontal plane.


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